Inspiring Crafts in Education Toys

Does your child like to draw pictures and make things? Try to find some toys that are crafty and make things with them? It always makes them so proud if they can give someone a present of what they have made.

Your children can do crafts, which are simple, challenging or even fun, inspiring them to learn new skills. They will learn coordination, how to be creative, counting, and reading too. The quantity of expertise they grasp depends on what they are making.

Crafting can become a way of having fun starting at any age, really; usually around age five is an excellent time to have fun with them. Start small, and as they learn one thing try something else, this activity will also give you more family time with your child.

Try weaving as a craft, and if you don’t know how you can learn too. Beginner’s kits can be sold at most craft stores with all the supplies to do your project. Get two of them, and both of you can learn something new together. Your child will learn how to count stitches and reading the instruction with illustrated pictures making it easier to follow.

Make a Tick-Tack-Toe game so they can learn to recognize the X and O’s. They’ll know that losing is all that bad when having fun after they made it themselves. At the fabric store, get a piece of felt material and draw your boxes on it with a marker. Get some coloured cardstock and draw some X and O’s. Let your child cut out. It will teach them how to use paper scissors. Cover the cardstock with clear contact paper. Making the game is complete, and now your child will learn to play a new game.

How about Make a Plate Kit. It is a fun way to let your child make something for the table or give grandma a gift. Your child will learn to draw pictures and learn colours. Let them draw and send it to the company, and they will mail it back on a plate safe to eat off.
They will be so glad when they can eat off the plate that they made. If your child gives it to Grandma, they will learn the gift of giving.

Teach your children age 5 through 6 how to make potholders. Let them be creative by mixing their colours, and coordination is also something they will learn here. They’ll love it when they see mom using it at the stove.

Teaching your child to tell time is a fun project for them to make and learn. Get a cheap clock and take the top off. Remove the clock hands so you can get the plain backing off. Let them cut out 12 pictures of different animals and glue them next to the numbers. It teaches your child how to use scissors; they will learn how to use glue and know to tell time with the pictures or numbers. When the project is over, hang it up in their room just for them. Now you can teach your child how to tell time at the age of 4 instead of 5.

How about suncatchers that are cute and cheap to make. Let your child glue two old CD’s together and decorate one side of it.
You can buy different foam shapes at the craft store to glue on. Let your child be creative at making flowers, sun faces, or fish even. The activity will teach them to decide what they want to make for the front, put colours together, and use glue. Glue a piece of yarn, string or fishing line of the back to hang it up in the window.

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