Tantalizing Dollhouses in Educational Toys

Educational Toys can be fun to play with, of course. For example, that dollhouse that your little girls want so they can build a playhouse. You can quickly help them to make it fast.

Building a dollhouse can be fun and educative for your children giving you family time and tutoring your children new skills at the same time. When making their dollhouse, the girls will learn to be creative, use scissors, sew, draw, glue and use a staple gun all with your assistance.

Using a large box, they can draw on the doors and windows, use the scissors to cut them out, and make their own decisions on the window and door shapes. When they cut the doors, only cut top, bottom and one side to easily open and shut. Suggest to them that they can add some shutters on the windows and colour them in with markers. Sketching flowers and a bush or two on the corners to dress the outside up will make an impressive creation for your child.

Once you finish the outside, put some carpet down on the bottom using whatever you want. Use four pieces for the floor cut into different sizes if they’re going to use different colours to divide the box into rooms. For the curtains in the interior glue along the top of each window, stick a piece of cloth to hang them up, cut up the centre and tie them back to open the curtain glueing the tie back to each side. The house is complete inside, and now they have to put some furniture in it.

Let your child choose what furniture they want and allow them to glue Popsicle sticks to the cardboard to make a table and chairs; you can also use egg cartons to the chairs and maybe a table. Assisting them is great but let them be in on it. It will help build their self-esteem and confidence, mostly when finished, and they have their dream house. Make sure the furniture is sufficient enough for their dolls to sit or lay. You can also use a small butter bowl for a table by spinning it upside down and allowing them to make a tablecloth to put over it and use the needle and thread to sew the hem along the bottom.

Letting the girls make their own decisions and designing it will teach them hard work is worth the effort when it is complete. If you do this as a family project, you can give them ideas and assistance, teaching them to be creative.

Once the house is complete, they can learn personal skills like setting the dinner table with doll dishes in their toy box stuck in the closet. They will be learning to play together, giving them the prowess to get along and enjoy being with each other. Let them ask the little girl next door to come over, and they can have a pretend tea party for the dolls. Another skill they will acquire is learning to get along with people outside their home.

Building a dollhouse has given your girls a lot of new knowledge; they have learned to be creative, drawing, colour with markers, and how to use scissors. Learning to share the same house, and the skill of getting along with other people outside the home can help your child develop social skills. They have also learned to use sticky glue. Using the egg cartons shows them another item they can be creative with and helps them gain self-esteem and confidence by having something they helped make. The activity shows your child that if they want something, they have to work for it, but at the same time, they can study and have fun while working.

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